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YK-WB2001 Water based glass frosting powder

YK-WB2001 Water based Glass frosting powder

Name: YKWB2001 glass frosting powder
Media: water
Effect: Jade sand
Using scope: flat glass, glass jars and other glass crafts.
YK-WB2001 Glass frosting powder
YK-WB2001 glass frosting powder also called the YK-WB2001 glass etching powder, it takes water as the media in the production. The powder can almost be used to frost the flat glass, glasswares, glass blocks and other glass products. The frosting solution is stable, the technology is easy to master, the effect feels smooth and delicate, which brings the quietness and freshness instantly into the fast modern life; the frosted glass production gives off little pungent air in the process, which reducesits harmness to environment and human-beings.

 Using manner: 
【Medium: Water】
Mix the sample powder A and B together ( 25kg in all) first, then add 6kg cold water , then stir up the solution and leave it mature for 24 hours, then churn up the solution before put into the production.

The process in production: 

Clean the glass products → dip the glass into the frosting solution for 1-3mins → take out and clean the glass with water→ dry it in the air.


The frosting powder should be stored up in the dry and ventilated place to prevent the powder moisten.

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