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YK-Ⅰ Glass frosting powder

YK-I Glass frosting powder

Name: YK-I Glass frosting powder
Medium: H2SO4,HCL
Effect: Jade sand
Using scope: Wine bottle ,glass tea set, cosmetic glass container , glass mozaic, ashtray and other glass product
YK-I Glass frosting powder
YK-Ⅰglass frosting powder takes sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid as the media in the production.  The frosting powder can be used to frost the wine bottles, glass tea sets, cosmetic glass containers, glass mozaics, ashtrays and other glass products. The technology is advanced and easily being mastered in the operation. The surface of the glass products after frosting is fine and evenly distributed, like a mist covering the surface of the glassware. The frosting effect can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

 Using manner: 
【Medium: HCL】
Add 0.4-0.5 kg of HCL(36%)into1kg of glass frosting powder, stir the mixture fully and leave it still for 24 hours, then fully churn up the mixture then it can be put into the production.
The process in production: 
The clean glass→submerge it into the solution for 1-3minutes, then take out→wash it with clean water→dry it.

【Medium: H2SO4】
Put 3-4kg cold water into 10kg frosting powder, stir it symmetrically in the plastic container. With the industrial sulfuric acid of 90% consistency, adjust the PH value of the solution to 2.0-1.0, which is tested by the accurate test paper in the range of 0.5-5.0. Then it could be put into the production after stirring fully.
The process in production: 
The clean glasswork→submerge it into the solution for 1-3 minutes, then take out→wash it with clean water→clean with washing liquid→wash it again with clean water→dry it.

Frosting powder should be stored up in the dry and ventilated place to prevent the powder moistening.

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