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YK-1018 snow effect glass frosting powder

Snow effect glass frosting powder

Name: YK-1018 snow effect glass frosting powder
Medium: HCL
Effect: Snow effect
Using scope: partition; table top in office, glass screen, glass sliding doors.
YK- 1080 glass frosting powder
YK-1018 snow effect glass frosting powder take the HCL as the media, it is fit for the etching processing of float glass, container glass, glass block, glass crafts, mirror glass, etc. This frosted effect is extremely full of three-dimensional sense, and sense of levels, as well as anti-fingerprint function. In light, its surface seems like snowflakes, glittering with very special visual effect. The snow effect glass can be widely used as countertop, glass partition, glass screen, sliding door, etc for house decoration, packing decoration, as well as daily glass decoration, etc.

 Using manner: 
【Medium: HCL】

Add 10kg of hydrochloric acid (36%) to 25kg of frosting powder,mix them well and place it for 24hours, mix it fully again before use.
The process in production: 
Clean glass product→ immerse in the frost liquid(about 2-5minutes)→remove→ water cleaning→wash with rinse aid→water washing→dry.

Frosting powder should be stored up in the dry and ventilated place to prevent the powder moistening.

 Finial Product: