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24 years of brand accumulation, 24 years of innovation

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Update time : 2019-05-10 15:57:59

Under the leadership of Mr. Jing Zhijie, the chairman of the company, Yuke Glass Company has gone through a brilliant 24 years. The company adheres to the concept of Strive for excellent, concentrate on quality. Taking the technological ability of science and technology, innovation and R&D to walk in the cutting edge of the glass frosting industry, while catering to the needs of consumers, it also leads the fashion of the glass industry, the company operates in domestic and foreign markets. The company is committed to providing the latest and best high-tech products for China's glass frosting/etching processing enterprises and promoting the rapid development of China's glass deep processing industry.
Yuke Glass always adheres to independent production and research and development of glass etching technology. Each glass will pass hundreds of experiments and dozens of harsh quality inspections, only to provide customers with the best quality glass frosting effect. For decades, Yuke Glass has continued to innovate and focus on the R&D and production of technological innovation in the glass frosting field
. In the course of more than 20 years of development, the company has obtained the honor, such as Zhengzhou City Screen Display Glass Engineering Technology Research Center; Henan AG touch screen glass engineering technology research center; Innovative pilot enterprises in Henan Province, Famous trademark of Henan Province. And in 2014, our company was awarded the SME Technology Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Yuke Glass, involved in the drafting Decorative glass terminology for construction National standards approved for release on May 1, 2019. Henan Yuke Glass Technology Co., Ltd., as the drafting unit of the “new national standard”, has made outstanding contributions to the standardization of decorative glass for construction. Behind the honor is Yuke Glass's persistent and firm belief in technology research and development for more than 20 years.

Production introduction:
Glass frosting powders: The Company’s new glass frosting powders have developed more than 50 new models, covering flat glass, glass bottle, glass lighting, glass crafts and other glass products. The sales network now covers nearly 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and is exported to Europe, America, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Yuke had reached the strategic cooperation goals with the German Mercedes-Benz, the United States Corning; China Changyu, Wuliangye, Gujinggong and other well-known enterprises, first-class research and development technology, The unique frosting effects and technology supply the market and drive the technological innovation of the glass industry. So far, the company has applied for 164 national patents, of which 44 have obtained patent certificates.

Development and production of anti-glare glass: Anti-glare glass is stable in domestic and foreign markets with high-quality research and development technology. When we ship, we will take the initiative to attach the actual inspection results of these key indicators for your reference, using technology to create a clear three-dimensional visual effect. Anti-glare can be applied in the automotive, medical equipment, marine aviation, POS machines, outdoor monitoring and other fields. Promote the sound development of key technologies in the industry; promote the leap-forward development of our national defense glare glass technology and product quality, and lead the development direction of the international anti-glare glass field.

Automatic glass frosting line: Chemically frosted in a mechanical way, it greatly improves production efficiency, reduces labor intensity, reduces production costs, and effectively prevents exhaust gas from overflowing, ensuring green and safe production.

The birth and development of Yuke Glass:
In 1995, the Institute of Yuke was established in Dengfeng, and the etching products required for glass processing such as new glass etching powder and frosting paste were independently developed. Yuke Glass was born.
In 1998, the company obtained the qualification certificate of scientific research unit and launched the new type II glass frosting powder, which is a milestone for Yuke Glass to open up the domestic market.
In 2007, special glass frosting powders such as flat glass, lighting and handicrafts were developed.
The “automatic frosting production line for bottles and cans” independently researched and developed in 2009 has become the preferred supplier of Wuliangye and European customers, and has been introduced to the global market.
In 2011, the AG business unit was established, and Yuke Glass began to contact the anti-glare AG glass. The opportunity to contact AG glass is due to cooperation with customers, since then Yuke Glass officially entered the electronics field.
The research institute of Yuke Glass has carried out research and development in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. 
In 2017, Yuke Glass completed the shareholding system transformation and officially listed on the New Third Board, and stood at a new starting point to look into the future. The unique products are inseparable from the forging of craftsmen over the years, and the craftsman spirit has been vividly reflected in the manufacture of Yuke Glass.

By chance, we are fortunate to be able to develop an anti-glare glass with a thickness of only 0.09mm for Germany top glass manufacturer. As the core material of the electronic information display industry, ultra-thin electronic touch glass is used as the basic material for mobile phones, computers and TV displays, the thinner the glass, the better the light transmission and the lighter weight. However, if the flexibility is not enough, it will be very easy to break. How to make the glass thin and have sufficient strength and toughness is a big challenge. In order to meet the most stringent quality requirements in the glass etching industry, in order to no longer be constrained by foreign technology, Ms. Shang Suping, the chief engineer of Yuke Glass Design, and the research team have undergone arduous exploration, producing the world's thinnest anti-glare (AG) glass, making Chinese manufacturing once again set a world record.

Not only that, Yuke Glass also has its own raw material processing plant, which can produce all kinds of raw materials by itself, formed a “one-stop” business of raw material procurement, production, goods sales and after-sales service. Hundreds of experiments and research and development, day and night to study hard, are only to create a top product, to provide solutions for glass etching technology for customers around the world. Yuke Glass is committed to the development of integration of production, learning and research, technical cooperation with Professor Yang Daoyuan of Zhengzhou University and Professor Jiang Hong of Hainan University, enriching the cooperation mode of production, learning and research, thus promoting the development of new technologies and new products of the company.
The road of development for 24 years carries the quality spirit and excellent brand power of Yuke. The most important thing is our corporate vision to contribute to the fine life of mankind. Today's Yuke is leading the overall situation with a global vision, an open mind, and an innovative spirit. Adhere to the development strategy of “branding, customization, and internationalization”, based on independent innovation, and strive to be more sophisticated.