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YK-Ⅷ Glass frosting powder

YK-VIII glass frosting powder

Name: YK-VIII Glass frosting powder
Medium: H2SO4
Effect: Jade sand effect
Using scope:  the lamps, glass containers, glasswares, etc.
YK-VIII glass frosting powder
YK-VIII glass frosting powder also be called the glass etching powder, it takes the sulfuric acid in the production to frost the relatively rigid glass materials, such as the lamps, glass containers, glasswares, etc. Comparing with the common glass frosting powder. YK-VIII can frost the rigid glass materials. The technology is advanced with simple and effective operation, the cost is low and the solution is stable. The light through the frosted lamp can avoid the dazzling effects, which greatly reduces its harmness to eyes. The frosted glass surface is even and delicate. Its romantic obscure visual effect makes the light softer, which make the house much warmer.

 Using manner:
【Medium: H2SO4】
Put 3kg of cold water into 10kg of glass frosting powder, stir it symmetrically in the plastic container. With the industrial sulfuric acid of 90% consistency, adjust the PH value of the solution to 2.0-1.0, which is tested by the accurate test paper in the range of 0.5-5.0. Then it could be put into the production after stirring fully.

The Process in Production:

Clean the glasswork → submerge the glass into the solution for 1-3 minutes and then take them out → wash the glass →dry them.

The YK-VIII glass frosting powder should be stored up in the dry and ventilated place to prevent the powder moisten.

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