How to choose glass frosting powder
Different glass frosting powder have different frosting effect , The customers can choose the suitable powder according to the materails and effects .
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What kinds of glass frosting materials and their differences

What kinds of glass frosting materials and their differences

In daily life, we often use different kinds of glass products, such as glass windows, glass cups, glass sliding doors and so on. The glass product is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, and it can be loved by people with its crystal-clear appearance and hard and durable physical properties. Some art glass will even make the glass have more patterns to enhance the decorative effect. In this article we will introduce the types of glass frosting materials and their differences.

About the frosting raw materials ,there are mainly the following types. Hydrofluoric acid, frosting paste and frosting powder.

If the ratio of hydrofluoric acid is good, the effect is ok, and the time required for frosting is shorter than that of frosting and frosting powder. However, hydrofluoric acid is not suitable for mass production, especially when the weather is hot, its operation is extremely unstable, and it is easily volatilized in the air to pollute the atmosphere. Moreover, hydrofluoric acid is also harmful to the human body and can corrode the skin and bones of the human body. It belongs to a method of sanding that is gradually eliminated.

Both frosting paste and glass frosting powder are good raw materials for frosting of glass products, but they are suitable for different methods of operation. At the same time, their role in the glass industry is also complementary.

The frosting paste is suitable for local frosting of glass products, and the operation is convenient; but the frosting paste is not suitable for large-area glass frosting. The main reason is that it is easy to produce frosted sand when it is used for large-area glass frosting. Uneven surface and other phenomena. Frosting paste is more commonly used for screen printing.

Compared with the frosting paste, the frosting powder is slightly more complicated in operation, that is, the frosting powder needs to be formulated into a solution. However, the frosting powder is suitable for almost all glass products. It can not only frost the glass products such as glass cups, glass bottles, glass lamps, etc., but also sand the glass products such as flat glass and sliding door glass. High product stability, suitable for mass production of glass products, uniform surface of finished products, almost no harm to the human body.

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